Kick off your boots and make yourself at home with this medium rubber boot tray by Achla Designs. Whether youre a gardener in need of a plant drainage tray, a pet owner looking for a way to keep the floors dry around the dog dishes, or just a homeowner in search of a way to keep the carpet clean, this universal boot tray is for you. Classy enough for indoor use and practical enough for outdoors and gardening, this rubber boot mat catches water, snow, and mud so you can keep your home, suv, or work area clean. This deep mud tray with 2-inch sides will help keep the kids from tracking mud through the house. The high lip traps water runoff from your wet umbrella, muddy shoes, or snowy boots and keeps them from doing any damage to your floors or car trunk. In three sizes to easily fit any home, car, or workspace. The decorative scrollwork design lets this mat blend right in with the other decor, while the raised edges help air to flow under your shoes, allowing them to dry faster and more thoroughly. This stamped rubber mat is thick and durable, and heavy duty enough to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use in gardens, sheds, or car trunks. Cleaning this rubber mat is a breeze! the durable material can be Shaken, vacuumed, or hosed offno need to spend time scrubbing or hand washing, and the rubber dries quickly after washing. Indoors or outdoors, for shoes or for tools, the uses for theses boot tray are endless.
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