Product features: The product is designed for telecommunications (CNC Railcom) project tailor-made for the unique dedicated check line machine, complete accessories, is the ideal tool for engineering staff.
Brand: CHINO-E
Model: C019
Dimensions: 147 * 46 * 28 (mm)
The main function: FSK / DTMF dual system Caller ID Three kinds of external plug head Take-function Finally, a set of dialed number redial function
Attached: 1 X the crocodile mouth test line, 1 X black yellow clip line, 1X the phone through
Function: 1. three 1kinds of external plug head 2. FSK/DTMF double standard Caller ID display 3 line function 4 the last group dial number redial function
Packing list: a telephone Description of a 110 line alligator clip a line straight boxAbout service: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, thank you.