SpeedyFiberTX \u2013 SinglemodeSimplex Slim Fiber Patch Cable, Corning SMF-28 Singlemode 9/125um Ultra OpticalFiber, Yellow Riser OFNR Cable Jacket SpecificationsInsertion Loss UPC = 0.2 (dB) / APC = 0.3 (dB) Return Loss UPC = 50 (dB) / APC = 65 (dB) Attenuation at 1310nm = 0.32 (dB/km) | at 1550nm = 0.18 (dB/km) Operating Wavelength 1285nm - 1625nm Operating Temperature -20° C to +70°C Ferrule Material Ceramic Compliance ITU, UL, CE, IEC, TIA, RoHS Features and BenefitsEvery cable has length label to identify cable length for easy deployment Slim 2.0 mm simplex cable and durable simplex SC and LC connectors Lightweight and flexible Riser OFNR rated PVC simplex cable jacket Every connector termination is tested to ensure the quality in network performance