***** ********** ***** ***** *****Best Quality Guranteed. ***** ***** UNLIKE THE TYPICAL CABLE WITH CHEAP INSULATION that cause STATIC & interference instead of the crisp, clear sound you want, we use PREMIUM phone wire INSULATION in our iSoHo landline phone cord for CRYSTAL CLEAR, STATIC-FREE SOUND every time. With a UNIVERSAL FIT, our landline phone cords work easily with any phone or device with a phone jack. Its our mission to make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for our SENIOR and HEARING-IMPAIRED customers to CONNECT WITH THEIR LOVED ONES. ***** ***** TYPICAL PHONE CORDS ARE made of WEAK, THIN MATERIALS that break easily, cutting off calls with loved ones & making using the phone difficult.

Our iSoHo long cords for landline phones are made of PREMIUM QUALITY, DURABLE materials with SUPERIOR STRETCH & ELASTICITY, so theyll LAST FOR YEARS to come. OIL & WEAR RESISTANT and great in hot or cold temperatures, our 25FT extension cord needs NO SPECIAL MAINTENANCE, making your life easier. ***** *