Color: Splitter -3 dB 2 Way (N-Female)Obtain a superior network signal anywhere in your home or office by maximizing your signal booster's functionality with the 2-Way Splitter with N-Female Connector from. It splits the amplified signal of your amplifier to increase area coverage. Designed for use in signal distribution systems, this splitter facilitates equal distribution of signals through multiple antennas for coverage of similarly sized areas. Designed to work with antennas, amplifiers, and accessories with an impedance of 50 Ohm, this splitter works on all carriers anywhere in the U. S. and Canada AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and U. S. Cellular. Its guaranteed to give you enhanced call quality and superior data connectivity by providing your antennas and amplifiers with improved coverage. This splitter features a durable, ergonomically designed chassis that facilitates stable transfer of signals with minimum signal loss. The N-Female connector of this splitter allows efficient and speedy transfer of high-frequency information. The female connector quickly receives large amounts of data and can work at radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range. This splitter measures 4.4 inches in length, 2.8 inches in width, and 1.1 inches in height.

Our products come with seven-day-a-week support and a two-year warranty. Our technical staff will provide you with whatever assistance you need. is committed to improving the lives of our customers, and this splitter will give you a superior cellular signal in every corner of your home or office. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to give you a full refund within 30 days. Expand the coverage of your signal booster and enjoy superior cellular network and data coverage with this splitter from!