Style: LaminatorThe M5-95 can be used for hundreds of different projects while providing a high-quality laminate finish. Create useful organizational cards and tags to make stored items easy to identify. Laminate your favorite recipes to avoid spills and tears. Make rewritable calendars for household chores and family schedules. Laminate your favorite picture to create unique bookmarks. Save school certificates and awards. Perfect for laminating picture cards and flash cards for math, language, science, or geography. Create one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Laminate different items for your scrapbook. Protect favorite photographs. Laminate and frame your students art projects from school. Great for laminating reference documents, training tools, phone lists, signage and displays, ID and luggage tags, menus, marketing and sales materials, flash cards, worksheets, certificates, art projects, reward cards, schedules, calendars, bulletin board materials, maps, sports rosters and schedules, travel literature, training booklets, recipe cards, photographs, and more!