Wish you can still enjoy your favorite tracks even while youre away from home? Sometimes, the best way to enjoy music is to share it to the rest of the world. Instead of plugging your earphones and zoning everyone out, why not introduce your unique yet relatable taste to your colleagues and peers? Who knows, maybe theyll end up dancing and singing-along with you. This can be possible only if you have a reliable CD and digital player. However, like stereo speakers, not all players can be brought outside.

What if you want to jam in the outdoors or need to practice your dance moves with your squad? Play your music anytime, anywhere with Portable Sport Stereo CD Player! Our TAU101 model has speakers featured in a compact size. It allows you to bring our music player to the field. The portable radio and stereos build also offers hassle-free storage in your car, shelves, cabinets and trunks, with more room to spare. This top-loading CD/CD/CDR-W player with programmable memory and repeat/shuffle buttons can play all the music and recordings you have in store.

Meanwhile, the telescoping antenna lets the stereo generate clear and noise-free radio programming. The auxiliary input makes it possible to connect your iPod, Walkman and MP3s music to the stereo for a louder output. Its fully-functioning high-performance stereo sound will make every listening experience a delight! Still not convinced? Here are more features to help you make a decision: 2-way power (DC battery and plug-in AC) comes in handy for emergencies and blackouts
Available in 3 colors: Blue, Yellow and Silver Backed by 1-year limited warranty Equipped with LCD Display, stereo headphone, auxiliary jack, AC power cable Hit play and enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere. Add the Portable Sport Stereo CD Player to your cart TODAY!