Range: DC 12~24V
Output Voltage: DC 5V,
Output current: 2A
Working Temperature: -40~ 160 Degree F*****The package come with 4 DUAL-SLOT fuse holder, mini, low profile mini, Standard ATO and micro2. 4 types, suit for most cars on the market*****Low
Voltage Protecting: With function of auto detect battery voltage and low voltage protecting, it can auto cut power output when its lower than 11.6V or 23.5V, compatible with large and small car, make sure the car can start normally*****High
Secure Standards: The mini USB hardwire kit with built-in precise switching power supply module can transform 12V (24V) to 5V. The built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating*****Best
Quality:. Also come with a installing manual for you as a refer