The handy zip ties are what youd need when you think of organizing your clutter better. Great for households as well as work areas, these silicone zip ties are highly functional, have multiple uses, are reusable and long lasting. Use them to store food in refrigerators, seal bin bags or freezer bags, organize kitchen or office drawers etc, the list of where these durable ties could come handy is just endless. Whats more is that the double lock mechanism allows the ties to lock securely saving you from worrying about leaks and spillage.

When needed they can be unlocked just as fast. Benefits - Available in 4 different colors blue, green, orange and red the zip ties can be used efficiently for color coding your possessions. - High quality zip ties are durable, sturdy, flexible and reusable to cut down on waste and save money. - Double lock mechanism allows for better security. The zip ties hold tight and wont unlock unless they are pulled out thus preventing accidental leaks and spills. - The large twist ties allow you to secure heavy and large bags of frozen food, topping soil etc comfortably.

Organize your clutter better with assorted colourful silicone zip ties.