Size: 1.1
Inch|Color: Whiteproduct
manual: Adhesive cable clips with self-adhesive pads for stable grip on the surface for easy removal without damaging the table top and no residue on the surface This 100piece self-adhesive 3M Super glue cable tie base will help you manage power line management and organize multiple cables. These cable tie mounts do not require installation tools. Simply peel off the backing paper and place it firmly on a clean, dust-free surface for optimum adhesion. Here are a few tips to help you use your product for longer: 1. Clean the dust with a duster before use,. 2.3M glue is best to be glued once and should not be disassembled repeatedly. 3. After applying self-adhesive glue, press it for 30 seconds and wait 24 hours before use. Quantity100 x Cable tie mounts
Product size:
base: 25mm x25mm
Colour: White