V50Overview: large conference and convention installations come with unique wireless challenges. A campus-wide solution, ULX-D digital wireless is secure, scalable, and durable. From managing diverse sound sources to protecting RF from smartphones and other stray signals, the intelligent system solves wireless problems of all sizes. Ulx-d pushes wireless audio further. More streamlined. Higher density. Up to 47 systems running simultaneously within 6 MHz. Thats one reason its become the standard bearer for installed digital wireless. And you can hear it in crystal clear performances around the world.
Why its better: true to the source. The 24-bit digital audio and the wide frequency response capture the sound as clearly and accurately as it was produced. Scalable control. The network is always yours to command with proven tools like wireless workbench, system on, Axient spectrum Manager, as well as AMX & Crestron integration and Dante audio. Secure sound. Confidentiality is ensured via AES-256 encryption that generates a randomized key for each use. Networked, intelligent charging. Ulx-d transmitters use either AA batteries or our intelligent rechargeable solutions for up to 9 hours of use. Battery life and charge status can be monitored remotely from software. So Power is always on your side.
Quality thats in the details: multiple spectrum options, including VHF, UHF, 900 ISM, 1. 2 GHz (Japan only), and 1. 5 GHz and 1. 8 GHz (Europe only). multiple transmitter types including handheld, body pack, boundary, and gooseneck options. Choice of receiver type (single, dual, or Quad). monitoring and control functionality from wireless workbench 6, system on, and plus channels apps. Dual and quad receivers include Dante digital audio networking.