At GearNuts, when we want the sweet, silky sound of a ribbon mic, we'll likely reach for a. We've come to rely on the company for high-fidelity ribbon mics that stand up to daily deployment in a variety of critical recording studio and live sound applications, and they've nailed it again with the R-10. The R-10 delivers a beautifully balanced sound field with a flat frequency response and an impressive maximum SPL of 160dB at 1kHz, so you can close-mic loud sources without fear of overload. The R-10 is the choice for electric and acoustic guitars, brass, strings, drums, cymbals, piano, vocals, and more.

Its figure-8 polar pattern also captures ambience beautifully, which makes it excellent for room miking. The R-10 is a value-packed, state-of-the-art ribbon microphone that deserves a place in your mic locker.