Premium charge and sync:? keep any device with a Micro USB type-B input fully charged and synced with your favorite photos and music.
High-strength aluminum connectors:? Designed to withstand forces up to 30 lbf (130N), these aluminum connectors were engineered to defy the rigors of odd bends and strains. It will take a force greater than 130N to get these connectors to even begin to bend.
Resilient and flexible strain reliefs: built with repeated use in mind, These cables have longer and more flexible strain reliefs to ensure that the point where the cable Meets the connector does not fail. Nylon and
Kevlar reinforced cable:? the nylon-wrapped, Kevlar-reinforced cable allows for heavy use without any connection issues or failures. Despite twists, tweaks, or turns, these cables will never let up. Each cable is fitted with reinforced, robust aluminum connectors to withstand any and all bends, drops, pulls, and mishaps.