Glarks 135Pcs 6 Sizes 1/4''-1'' Black Nylon Screw Mounting R-Type Cable Clip Wire Clamp with 132Pcs Screws for Wire, Cable, Conduit and Cable Conduit Kit

Product Type: R-type cable clip
Material: Nylon
Main Color: Black, White
Size: 6 size of 6.4mm(1/4''), 8.4mm(5/16''), 10.4mm(3/8''), 13.2mm(1/2''), 19mm(3/4''), 23mm(1'')
Total Quantity: 132Pcs

??Function and Use?:
? Made of high quality nylon material, good toughness, good flexibility, strong corrosion resistance.
? Clips are designed as R-type, stylish, flexible, simple and innovative.
? Including 6 size black and white clips total 132pcs for your use, which are suitable for most common size wires.
? Come with 132pcs stainless steel screws, they are matched well with clips. Fast and convenient for installation.
? Used for warehouse, factory, house or office to manage mess wires and cords, such as computer cables, TV cables, electrical wires and so on.

??Way to Use?:
Put the wire into the round hole and fix it with a screw on the wall or the ground after tightening. Then tighten the wires with one screw.

??Package Detail?:
6.4mm(1/4'') --------- 34Pcs(17 black, 17 white)
8.4mm(5/16'') -------- 34Pcs(17 black, 17 white)
10.4mm(3/8'') -------- 22Pcs(11 black, 11 white)
13.2mm(1/2'') -------- 22Pcs(11 black, 11 white)
19mm(3/4'') ---------- 14Pcs(7 black, 7 white)
23mm(1'') -------------- 8Pcs(4 black, 4 white)
M4 x 16 Screws -------- 132Pcs
Total Quantity: 264Pcs

??Quality Assurance?:
? If you receive a defective product or have any problems during use, please feel free to contact us, we will provide return and exchange service at any time.