***** ********** ***** ***** *****Best Quality Guranteed. ***** *****Remote Lock/Unlock - Lock or unlock your door from anywhere using the app. Lock connects to your WiFi via the included Lock Gateway. ***** *****Simple Sharing - Lock lets you easily share access to your home with friends, family, contractors, dog walkers, and really, whoever you want. See a history of lock and unlock events. Lock gives you complete control of who has access to your home. ***** *****Door Position Detection - Know when your door is closed and locked.

Lock not only tells you the lock status, but also if the door is open or closed. Unlike other locks, Lock has a built-in gyroscope to know the position of the door. No need for separate sensors. ***** *****Easy Installation - Seriously. Lock installs in 15 minutes (we timed it! ) and only requires a screwdriver. It works with most single-cylinder deadbolts and takes the place of the inside thumb latch. ***** *****Auto-Lock/Unlock - Enable auto-lock and