Size: Type-C + mini HDMI 1080P@60Hz 50FTPerfect for office meetings, business conferences, and educational presentations. Allows to transmit and Convert your PCs USB/Thunderbolt 3 Type-C port up to 15 meters long away wirelessly. Resolution up to 1080P@60Hz. It can be powered from any USB port on the HDTV or projector and up to 15 meters (clear line of site). The transmitter is self-powered through a USB Type-C port which converts to wireless HDMI. Because, the receiver is also a small. Therefore, it is ideal for conference room meetings, home theater and educational equipped classrooms. The WJEXT15-2 transmits video and audio in real-time, from any HDMI source. Watch TV while you work on your PC. Simply plug in the HDMI receiver to your TV and the sender to your USB Type-C laptop or PC Entertain others while keeping up on social media sites. Also, the receiver features an HDMI-Out connector and the sender features a USB Type-C connector. Wirelessly Stream Video & Audio (YouTube TV, Netflix, Hulu TV, Prime and others) to your HD TV/Projector. Use your cable subscription on line streaming to stream all your channels without having to rent another set top box.

Just plug n play NO extensive set up, NO software installation. NO WIFI network to setup and NO messy cables. Best portable and mobile solution for Notebooks/Laptops and or any mobile device with USB Type C (Alt Mode). USB Type C, self-powered
(Note: Receiver must be external powered with included USB cable. )1, Wirelessly share HD content from a USB-C laptop or tablet to a TV/display2, Eliminate the need and expense of running unsightly HDMI cables3, Connect temporary or permanent sources and a TV/display without wires4, Mirror or extend content to a larger screen for effortless viewing5, Reaches and in-room wireless range of up to 15 meters. *This device will work on any video source output with an Alternate Mode-supported USB-C port