***** ********** *****MULTIFUNCTIONALCHARGINGSTATION& ORGANIZER.? harge your cell phone and keep your daily-used things at hand. Size assembled 23x19, 5x18, 5 cm/9, 6x7, 48x7, 28". Please note! Accessories shown in the pictures are not included! ***** *****100% QUALITY. For making these stands the Artisan uses only the best high - quality material. This excellent handcraft has a smooth texture that won't scratch your cell phone. The surface of the stand is treated with a special protective oil for wood, which protects the product from excessive moisture or dryness, prevents all kinds of damage and gives the wood this beautiful deep color.

***** *****SOLID WALNUT-TREE WOOD. Eco -friendly and natural.
NOTE: Walnut tree has a very beautiful and unique structure, therefore, the item you bought may be slightly different from the samples on the photo. ***** *****ORGANIZE YOUR DESK SPACE AND KEEP YOUR ACCESSORIES AT HAND. This stand will become an eye-catching and very practical accessory o