Color: BlueOverviews 100% Brand New Take up little room in the car/ diaper bag/ glove compartment/ etc, easy to carry around, easy to use. Simple, useful, durable, lightweight, functional and well crafted, good durable, nice zippers Nice and solid when zipped closed, protects CD/DVDs from dust, damp, scratches and corruption and keeps them safe. Good storage capacity without making a large footprint, all your childs movies or game would be in one place. Stylish case, sturdy and compact, Convenient, not bulky. Perfect gift for your kids or your family to keep their collection.
Assorted color: Red, Blue, Black, and so on. More colors to help you differentiate between my types of music or movies.
Feature Size: 11x6x2 inch (LxWxH)
Weight: 345g
Hold Capacity: about 72 pcs Money Back Guarantee In the unlike case an issue occurs, wed be happy to fully refund you, or give you a 90-day free replacement.
TIPS: For any issue, please contact us firstly so that we can resolve your issue before you post a feedback or review. What's included? CD/DVD Wallet x1