***** ********** ***** 1/8 to 1/4 adapter is a 3.5 mm Female jack into a 6.35 mm Male plug adapter, for connecting smartphones, tablets, iPod or headphones with standard 3.5 mm plugs to audio devices with a 6.35 mm stereo jack.
Eg: piano keyboard to headphones adapter, guitar amp to speaker adapter, amplifier to headphones adapter, amplifier to speaker adapter, 6.35 mm headphone to computer adapter, mixing console to speaker adapter...
***** *****200cm-More-Length: Durable and premium soft PVC jacket extension cable trends to create more available space between two connection devices. ***** *****24K gold-plated connectors ensures minimal signal loss and optimum sound quality, present clear, natural, and great sound performance. Oxygen-free copper for long usefulness.
***** *****Qualified Audio Adapter: Standard plug/jack has an outstanding compatibility which connects your devices firmly and ensures you enjoy an wonderful music.
***** *****Reliable Warranty: offers an unconditional Warranty