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Main controller: CM8828 + CM9882A
Bus type: PCI Express Rev 1.1
Audio channel: 7.1 CH audio system, compatible with 2.1 / 5.1 stereo surround sound system equipment.

LINE: linear input, MIC: microphone input, FRONT: pre-output,REAR: Rear surround output, C/SUB: Center/Subwoofer output, SIDE: Side surround output.

Functional characteristics
Rich input/output interface
ASIO driver and advanced intelligent software interface onboard high fidelity audio (HDA) output (F_Audio).
Embedded mode: Embedded 8051-based MCU that transcodes HD Audio commands.
Application areas: home theater, large 3D games, audio playback, etc.
Sample sampling rate: 44.1 ~ 192 kHz / 24 bits.
Signal to noise ratio: 100db.
Harmonic distortion: -85db playback / -90db recording.
Control interface: Xear intelligent software exchange control interface
Working mode: extended full duplex (simultaneous playback and recording function).

Audio mode
XearTMLiving 1.1, XearTMVoClear, XearTM Sonic, XearTM Surround,
XearTM Pro 1.0, XearTM SingFX, XearTM Magic Voice, XearTM Audio Brilliant
Material:Metal + plastic