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24-bit stereo, 4CH audio output with HRTF3D decoding.
120dB audio quality full duplex playback recording.
Desktop PC internal audio card, plug and play.
PCI bus controlled audio card with CMI8738 chipset.
Supports waveform audio mixer, 2/4CH and DLS.
Supports various operating system platform, sunch as for MSDOS, for WINDOWS3X, for 9X, for NT, for WIN2000, for LINUX and other platforms.
Supports for Microsoft D3D and for Aureatr 3D interface.

Item type: Sound card
Material: Electronic components
Color: As shown
Support: 2/4CH and DLS
Support: Waveform audio mixer
Compatible with: Traditional sound card
Supports: For Windows 98/2000/XP/NT
Package size: About 14x13x3cm

Package includes:
1x Sound card
1x Driver CD