Long screws are screws in special positions of the chassis, such as the small screw holes in the fan position of the power supply compartment or the front panel of the chassis, or the screw holes for fixing the fan on the water-cooled cold exhaust. this screw does not include a nut.

The short screw is M5 flat head self tapping fan universal screw, which can be used in general positions At present, the chassis on the market generally uses short screws, but there are many chassis special positions that need long screws.

Pay attention to observe the screw holes of the fan position of your chassis (such as the fan position on the front panel of individual chassis and the fan position on the power supply compartment of most chassis).

Long screw size: 30mm long, fixed interface 3.4mm (individual cold row may not support) Short screw size: M5, 8mm long.

Long Screws/Short screw(optional).

Packing List:
1 x Screws