Size 207*176*72mm
Typical capacity 280 Ah @ 0.5C discharge
Typical Voltage 3.2V Discharge current 0.5C with 2.5V cut off. (25±2)
AC Impedance Resistance 0.25 m
Standard charge and discharge Charge/Discharge Current 0.5C /1C
Pulse Charge/Discharge Current (30s) 2C/2C The maximum charge current of the battery does not exceed 1C under 0~45.
Recommended SOC window 10%~90%
Charging Temperature 0 ~55 Reference Continuous/Pulse Charge/Discharge Current Map
Discharging Temperature -20 ~55 Reference Continuous/Pulse Charge/Discharge Current Map
Storage Temperature -20~45 Battery can work at a specified temperature range with capacity loss intolerance.
Weight 5.4K g
Cycle Life at 25 6000
End of Life Management Capacity/Typical Capacity <70% During the use of the battery, when the end of life is exceeded, should stop using the battery.