v ?Extended Long Range, The Latest Wifi Technology?Our long range HD 1080P Wi-Fi Camera use powerful 5dBi Antenna, combine with proprietary IPC router can reach 150% area.
This is NOT short range Battery Powered Camera.
All the cameras needed to be plugged into the power outlet.
You never worry about Dead Batteries.
The camera records HD video 24/7.
v ?2020 Advanced Video Compression?Security Camera System Comes with Compression Technology, Brings You Ultra HD Image Quality with 40%-50% Hard Drive Storage Saved.
Double The Recording Time, Reduce Bandwidth by Maximum 50% of Conventional H.264 Compression, Enable System Work Flawlessly Carry 1080P FHD Streams.
Offers You Faster and Smoother Video, Especially for Remote View.
v ?Easy & Quick Setup?Wireless video security system is easy to setup without any video cables.
True plug and play.
Connect the NVR and cameras with power-adapter provided.
Connect the mouse to NVR.
Connect PC/TV monitor to NVR with a VGA/HDMI cable.
Connect the router LAN port to NVR WAN port with Ethernet-cable provided.
The video will show up.
The system builds a more powerful wireless signal coverage and make the connection quick and easy.
Working without disturbing your internet speed.
v ?Remotely Anytime and Anywhere?Wireless Surveillance Camera System Allows you to View the Live Video Remotely Anytime and Anywhere by Phone and Pad (Available for Android & IOS system).
Download Free APP IP PRO from Android Google Play or Apple APP Store.
Register an New Account, then Add Device ID.
You can View the Video by WiFi or 3G/4G Network.