Color: 3
Pack Sloth Ring StandMultiple Functions: Hold your with fingers, secure grips for texting, calling, selfies and photos with one hand. Stand your on any flat surface for watching videos, web surfing, playing games, FaceTime. It is perfect gifts for lover, family and friends to protect cellfrom slipping or dropping. The sleek and exquisite look perfectly fits any devices.
Wide Compatibility: Compatible with any Smart(Android / IOS device) such as i, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, HTC and more
Package Included: 3 x Sloths Ring
Stand Usage Method:
1. Use the alcohol pack to clean the surface, dry it completely.
2. Peel off the protective paper. Do not touch the adhesive surface.
3. Press the ring holder against 15 seconds.
4. After 8 hours hanging heavy, the effect is much better.
Easy to Remove: Gently scraping the four corners with card and do not violent tear. If glue mark left, wipe off gently with a little detergent on napkins.