Size: 21" INCH |
Color: STAINLESSThis is a "BRAND NEW" VERY HIGH END Custom 21" Tapered STAINLESS Antenna Mast. What is unique about our 21" mast is it's made of Spring Stainless Steel, this means that when its bent it WILL spring back to its original position. Due to higher costs to manufacture Spring Steel parts, it is extremely hard to find an antenna in todays market that will match the quality level of this antenna. Rather you will find endless options of aftermarket antenna's that will leave you shopping for another antenna once its weak construction bends, looks goofy, and stays that way. Another unique feature of our antenna is that its stainless rod is Tapered. This means at the base where it screws onto your vehicle the rod is wider and tapers to a smaller rod size at the tip. So if you are looking for a mast that has that Custom LOOK and want that Old Time High End Spring Tapered Rod Quality, this 21" Mast is the one for YOU!! This is why we feel the need to express that our antenna is unique, and we are PROUD of it!! After years of testing this mast we have found that the AM/FM reception is 95% as good as the factory 32" mast that your vehicle was made with.

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