Armband is GUARANTEED to fit your smart phone*** Protect your brand new smart phone against scratches and damages while exercising with this well designed high-density neoprene armband. The cover itself is made out of Scratch-resistant neoprene that has been woven over multiple times to make it as dense and protective as we possibly could make it. We wanted to make sure that your phone was safe and secure once inside the armband without sacrificing comfort and we believe we accomplished just that. What truly stands out with this armband is our added layer of sweat resistant plastic on the interior side closest to your arm to ensure that the sweat from your arm does not damage your expensive Smartphone! We also added a comfort key pocket to hold your key so pockets/locker are not needed when going into the gym or on a run!!! Armband is One-size fits all and so durable and well designed that we have imposed an extended warranty on our work.

Defend yourself, defend
your smart phone: Get a protective Neoprene Exercise Armband! Accessories are NON-OEM ***Smart Phone is NOT Included***