This PA system is packed with amazing features that make it too good to be true! Our sleek, on-the-go unit is equipped with brilliant LED lights that pulse to the beat of your favorite music, and the convenient carrying handle allows you to take the party with you, wherever you go! The included microphone allows the speaker to double as a karaoke machine, and our audio file recording function enables you to create your own soundtrack music plus vocals. Perfect for any outdoor or indoor party! ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Our all-in-one compact PA system Bluetooth speaker measures at only 15? and 5 lbs, which, combined with the convenient carrying handle, make for an effortless on-the-go experience.

It combines a powerful, amplifying speaker with a premium wireless microphone system to produce a multi-functional, compact, and lightweight portable PA system. It provides superb sound with 10M Bluetooth connectivity range and a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for up to six hours. It? s powerful and loud enough to fill anywhere, from house to backyard, with clear music, making it a must have for any occasion! MULTI-MEDIA. Our PABT6032 speaker also comes equipped with Bluetooth and AUX input to allow streaming from any of your favorite devices; iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, iMac, or PC.

What? s more, this system also comes with USB and TF card inputs. The USB port can be used for charging any type of phone, tablet, or portable music player possessing USB interface. Keep your favorite devices alive while you enjoy the party and have fun! Its portability and multi-functionality make it the ideal companion for indoor/outdoor events. It is also an ideal tool for professionals such as teachers, auctioneers, street performers, or studio instructors!