4K KVM Switch Computer Switch for 2 Computers KMV Switches 4K KVM for Mac Computer Monitor Switch USB KVM Switch KVM USB Switch USB C Switcher 2 Computers USB-C Switch
Installation step;
1. Turn off all devices;
2. Plug DC5V 2A power adapter into KVM switch and AC socket;
3. Plug type-c cables into KVM Switch and your computers/mobile phones; plug HDMI cables into KVM switch and your monitors;
4. Plug mouse into mouse slot of KVM, plug keyboard into keyboard slot of KVM;
5. Plug your headset or other USB 2.0 peripheral devices or wired remote push button switch into KVM switch if needed;
6. Turn on KVM switch;
7. Turn on your computers/mobile phones.
Package include: 1pcs x TYPE-C KVM switch + 4pcs xType-C cables + 1pcs wired remote push button + 1pcs x DC5V 2A power adapter + 1pcs x manual.