USB 3.0 header extension cable for motherboards. 1 to 2 Y Splitter design.
Connector 1: Double USB 3.0 19/20 pin male;
Connector 2: USB 3.0 19/20 pin female. This cable is a great option for SLI configurations that need access to USB 3.0 headers.
(Note: cannot compatible Cor. iCUE 7000X) USB 3.0 19/20 pin internal extension adapter supports data transmission speeds of up to 5Gbps high performance used for stable signal and data transmission 5.9 inch USB 3.0 is full duplex independent of the four differential signal USB 3.0 signals supports simultaneous bi-directional data transferBlack flat ribbon wire much more durable and flexible comparing to individual crimped wires; These cables offer a clean look making it easier to deal with dust and avoid overheatingNote: The end that connects to the motherboard is loose for a few of motherboards since the USB 3.0 ports on different motherboards have a bit difference. There is not USB 3.0 connector to work with all of motherboards currently if you have any doubts please feel free to contact us