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MAIWO External Hard Drive Enclosure
MAIWO K104 Portable 2.5" SATA External Hard Drive Enclosure

Great Portability for Your Hard Drive
Ideal for harnessing your old laptop 2.5 " HDD and SSD hard drive as an external USB drive, it will provide you greater convenience of use and versatility of digital data storage. An ideal choice for digital lovers, movie lovers and business elites,USB 3.0 with UASP, faster and more efficient. The enclosure comes with the USB 3.0 connection enhanced with the UASP protocol, and significantly increases the data transfer rate, delivering up to 10x as fast as performance than conventional USB 3.0 connection,the USB 3.0 Type A interface supports up to 5Gbps, and backward compatible with USB 2.0 /1.1 connections.

MAIWO External Hard Drive Enclosure
Easy Installation

Plug and play with tool-free installation, no reboot or additional driver needed; hot-swappable. Please kindly note: when finish using your SSD/HDD, click "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on your PC first then unplug it to avoid data loss.

MAIWO External Hard Drive Enclosure
USB 3.0 to SATA III with UASP

The SATA interface of the 2.5 inch hard drive enclosure supports UASP SATA III transmission protocol, which reduces CPU utilization, data delay and waiting time.20% faster than traditional USB 3.0,the USB 3.0 A interface supports up to 5Gbps.

MAIWO External Hard Drive Enclosure
High Safety Performance

Attached soft EVA foams on inner sides, it protects your hard disks from shaking and scratches. With detachable cable, it is quite flexible to connect and carry. 

MAIWO External Hard Drive Enclosure
Only SATA Port Supported

This hard disk box is fully compatible with 7-9.5mm 2.5-inch SATA I II III HDD/SSD, and can support up to 6TB large-capacity hard disk.Please note that the hard drive enclosure 2.5 CANNOT support IDE port hard drive, please confirm your port before purchase.

MAIWO External Hard Drive Enclosure
Intelligent Sleeping Mode for Power Saving

After 10 minutes no operation, it will go into sleeping mode automatically, which can greatly save power and decrease wear and tear of your hard drive,the hard drive will be activated when read and write data.

MAIWO External Hard Drive Enclosure
LED Indicator

Light blue indicator light, always on during standby, flashing when reading and writing, helps you monitor the working status of your hard drive, more humanized and convenient.

MAIWO External Hard Drive Enclosure
Widely Compatibility

You can use the external 2.5 ssd enclosure with your device for Linux, Mac OS and Windows system, just plug and play.Can easily connect your 2.5 inch hard drive to a PC, laptop, TV, mobile phone OTG, and other device for data transfer.

MAIWO External Hard Drive Enclosure

- Brand: MAIWO                                   - Model: K104
- Color: As you choose                         - Material: PP + ABS
- Capacity: 6TB                                     - Case length: 5.12 inch
- Case Width: 3.11 inch                       - Case Thickness: 0.67 inch
- Weight: 1.76 oz

- Compatible with 7-9.5mm 2.5 inch HDD / SSD

MAIWO External Hard Drive Enclosure