This custom cable is double-shielded, coiled cable, 5- pin chrome plating aviator, and USB 2.0 -compliant, it's got all the features you need, and the look that everyone wants offers more fun elements for your desk setup.
HIGH-PERFORMANCE QUALITY: This performance-tested cable with a flexible coiled design, handmade double-shielded crafts, durable PET Techflex, and PU outer jacket. It delivers superior and high-end quality and visual aesthetics. The cable is an ideal replacement cable for your mechanical keyboard.
SUPER CONVENIENT WITH STORAGE BAG: Designed with the most appropriate lengths with 100CM straight cable and 18CM coiled cable. The total length of the cable reaches 47in, 120cm. Come with an exquisite cable collection bag, this keyboard cable is a flexible and durable choice for any setup in any situation.
EASY INSTALLATION: The custom cable takes USB-A side with gold-plated plug and zinc alloy housing, Type-C plug with heat shrinkable tube, two-section cable connection, and detachable design. The Neon coiled cable delivers a high-performance in every aspect, elegant addition to any setup. TYPE C INTERFACE, AVIATOR,
USB 2.0 COMPATIBLE: Designed to work flawlessly with any USB type C device, the custom cable features a detachable aviator port to support a wide range of connections. However, the cable may can't compatible with a few versions of mechanical keyboards that have a narrow entry hole in the bottom side of the keyboard for the plug.