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ANTI BLUE LIGHT & UV: Our little-to-no tint lens effectively filter out blue light and minimize harmful blue light exposure without affecting aesthetic appearance. The slight yellow tint lenses offer ideal balance of HIGH PROTECTION and HIGH TRANSMITTANCE needed for the developing eyes. ***** ***** NO MORE EYE STRAINS & GLARES: Anti-reflective (AR) coating helps virtually reduce glare and allows more beneficial lights passing through, reducing eyestrain and optimizing visual acuity with fewer distraction and more viewing comfort. ***** *****
CUTE FASHIONABLE FRAMES: TR90 & silicone composite frame offers superior lightweight, impact resistance, temperature resistance, wearing comfort, and aesthetic pleasant. Your kids will love wearing these cool protective glasses for digital time and also as a fashion statement.
***** ***** RECOMMENDED USERS: boys and girls 3~9 years old with 20/20 or 20/20 corrected vision who are frequent users of computer, laptop, tablets, sm