Cable Experts Coaxial RG8X Wire (A.K.A Mini-8):Offering consumers nothing but the best coaxial wire that is proudly made and manufactured in the USA! Our cable is fully inspected to ensure maximum satisfaction and can be used with many applications such as amateur radio, CB radio, ham radio, switch meters, and other related electronic hobbies.Component Breakdown:1. RG8X coaxial cable is assembled with a flexible outer black shielded PVC jacket insulator (0.242\u2019\u2019) with PL-259 male connectors on each end2. The woven copper braided shielding provides 95% core coverage to prevent a significant amount of signal leakage or outside electrical interference3. The dielectric foam polyethylene insulation is designed to help reduce the loss of signal and consistent secure signal performance4. The Inside core is made of 16 AWG stranded bare copper conductor that carries high frequency signals from one end to another endMeasurements/Specifications:
Conductor \u2013 0.058\u2019\u2019 Stranding:
19/29 (0.0113\u2019\u2019) Dielectric diameter:
0.155\u201d Overall diameter:
0.242\u2019\u2019Performance Specifications:*1 MHz =.3 dB/100' *10 MHz = .9 dB/100' w/ max power of 1 kW*50 MHz = 2.1 dB/100' w/ max power of .37 kW*100 MHz = 3.1 dB/100' w/ max power of .25 kW*200 MHz = 4.5 dB/100' w/ max power of .19 kW*400 MHz = 6.6 dB/100' w/ max power of .11 kW*700 MHz = 9.1 dB/100' w/ max power of .08 kW*900 MHz = 10.7 dB/100' w/ max power of .07 kW*1000 MHz = 11.2 dB/100' w. max power of .06 kWProduct Features:
Velocity factor:
74% 50 ohm Low loss HF/VHF/UHF Offered in varies lengths Maximum power handling of 875 watts Single antenna Installation (dual antennas would require an RG-59-72ohm)Purchase the RG8X cable now for the ultimate performance in your radio hobby or professional project, and make crystal clarity your new normal!