Compatible Hero 8 Aluminum Case, Protect Your Camera Easily, Leading NEW Style Of Life!
Product Specification:
Size: 2.9 Inch* 1.7 Inch* 2.5 Inch ( 7.5 Cm* 4.5 Cm* 6.5
Cm Weight: 4.1 Ounces Not Only A Hero 8 Aluminum Case, You Are Getting A Guardian Of The Loyal! You Don't Need To Worry The Camera Drops Down And Gets Broken Any More With Hero 8 Aluminum Case. Compatible Hero 8 Aluminum Case Used In The Bicycle/ Car Suction Mount... The Screw On The Side Puts Pressure On The Side Of The Camera, It Also Acts Like A Safety Preventing The Camera From Accidentally Falling Out When You Remove The Back. Use The Go Pro Mount Adapter On The Bottom Or Use The Tripod Camera Mount, It's Super Quick To Screw Into The Camera Mounts Use!!
Being Able To Add Filters: That Circular Lens Ring Is Awesome! Put A 52 Mm Filter On It And The Colors Pop! Or If The Sky Is Too Bright Add A Graduate ND Filter. Water No Blue Enough, A Graduated Blue Filter. Plus Your Footage Is Amazingly Clear Because Your Lens Has No Case Over It. And This Case Allows You To Use A Lens Cap To Protect When Not In Use Remove The UV Mirror When Diving, The Shell Will Not Rust And Can Prevent Salt Water Corrosion. A Universal Tool That Fulfill Your Needs Once And For All!