Door and Window entry alarm provides a simple-to-use, cost-effective security solution to protect you and your family against home invasions thanks to the 120-decibel alarm, loud enough not only to cause a huge shock to the thief or intruder, but also to wake you up. Also ideal for preventing your children from going out by opening doors or windows without notice. Not only can it be used to protect your family's safety, it also can be used to remind the forgetful old people that the doors and windows are not closed. You can even use it to keep a sleepwalker inside and prevent any accidents.

Features: 1. Portable Wireless Magnetically Triggered Door Window Alarm Sensor. 2. Easily mounted by double-side adhesive tape. 3. Please keep the alarm and sensor close enough, gap less than 8mm. 4. Powered by 3 pcs LR44 batteries included. It is perfect for bedrooms, hotels, garages, apartments, dorm rooms, shops, offices, RVs, windows, doors, balconies, sliding glass doors and more. To protect your loved ones, security is most important so buy Door Window alarm now for every door and window today and show them you care.