***** **********Best Quality Guranteed. *****PATENTED 2-AXIS SMART CUBE Level replaces 2 pieces of Old-fashioned Spirit Vial Level in one go. Just by WIRELESSLY looking on your smartphone screen while adjusting the object being leveled. It allows ONE-MAN OPERATION to align a fences, cupboard, signboard, pipe, drainage etc. WITHOUT needing to going back-and-forth checking 'bubble' position on each adjustment. *****PAIR to Smartphones/Tablets (One FREE App Incl. for Apple/Android), instantly displays both X&Y axis level status (Digital & Graphic) on your phone screen while you were SIMULTANEOUSLY adjusting object footings over Bluetooth range.

MULTIPLE users SHARING one or more smart level (s), additional paid app is separately downloaded from App stores. SMART CUBE single-axis can be used by its own WITHOUT using app.
*****SMART TECHNOLOGIES: Greatly CUTDOWN your alignment TIME (by over 70%) and combine with ONE-MAN operability allow GREAT COST SAVING and improve QUALITY of your alignmen