Receiver + Transmitter 100m Wireless Motion Sensor System Driveway Alarm Alert
Features: -Our sensor uses infrared sensing to detect any movement within the detection range. Works well on long or concealed private driveways and can give you a little extra reminder before guests (or trespassers) arrive. - When motion is detected, the infrared sensor sends a signal to the receiver, up to a distance of 100 meters. - For the receiver, you can choose to alert you with a high or low volume ringtone or alarm sound, you can also adjust the volume of these alarms, or you can choose to use a silent LED light flash instead of the alarm sound reminder. - In addition, the receiver can be paired with up to 50 sensors, giving a large usable area. - This alarm can be selected with one belt and one (it can also be equipped with multiple sensors, you can contact us if you need) Specification
Powersupply(receiver): DC 6V or 1.5V 3 x C batteries (not included in the package)
Powersupply(infrared sensor transmitter): DC 4.5V (3 1.5V AAA batteries) (not included in the package)
Motiondetectionrange: 5-8 meters
Workingrange: 100
meters3modes: sound/LED light flashing/sound + LED light flashing 3 alarm options: high volume musical chime/low volume musical chime//alarm sound
Ringtonevolume: 1-100 decibels (within 0.5 meters)
Packingsize: 18x14x5cm
Incude: 1*Receiver 1*Transmitter