Have you ever met such problems? * WiFi intermittently. * The signal in the balcony or garage is weak. * The house is too big, the router WiFi can't cover it. * The wall is too thick, the signal is weakened. YLFW 1200Mbps dual-bands
WiFiextender: 1. Using 802.11AC dual-band technology, our WiFi booster can emits 2 independent frequency bands ( 2.4G -300M + 5G-867M) simultaneously. Enjoy the fun of high-speed Internet! 2. Four high-gain antennas provide wider coverage and more stable signals. 3. Place the WiFi extender in an ideal location according to the smart LED, get 360° WiFi coverage throughout the house. Balcony, yard, garage... No WiFi dead zones! 4. One-time memory operation. Once successfully setting the WiFi repeater, you don't need to set again after moving the position. 5. Easily set up with the WPS button. 6. Free to swich 3 modes, meet all your Internet needs.
1)Repeatermode: There is a wireless router in the home, but the signal is weak or can't be found. You can use a WiFi repeater to enhance the WiFi signal and expand the WiFi range.
2)APmode: Connect the router to the WiFi booster with a network cable to provide wireless WiFi signals. It is mostly used in public places such as hotels or companies.
3)GigabitEthernetport: Works as a wireless adapter to connect wired devices.
WarmTips: 1. Type 192.168. 188.1 in the browser to set or manege your extender's WiFi. (Support phone or laptop) 2. Set up the WiFi booster next to the router, after success, move it to the ideal location. If there's any problem with the connection, please feel free to contact us via Amazon. We will do our best to solve the problem!