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The TC-P1800 18w thermal compound paste offers excellent performance and outstanding long-term stability without the risk of short-circuits.




Whether it's air- or water-based cooling, CPU or GPU applications, overclocking or silent systems, the TC-P1800 18w thermal paste always delivers


great results, making it as must-have for over clockers and hardware enthusiast users.


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Excellent spreading properties, no need to manually spread before installing, it is very easy to use it even for beginners.

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Metal-free thermal paste, no risk of short circuit, can be used with any type of CPU GPU cooler.

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Some thermal compounds need a cure time until they reach their full performance, but P1800 is ready to go right away and doesn't require any special preparations.

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Thermal Conductivity > 18w/m·K
Thermal Resistance < 0.01k/w
Viscosity 200 Poise
Density 2.85g/cm³
Weight 5g
Color Grey
Dimension 120*120*25mm*3 120*120*38 mm 120*120*25mm 76*24*11.6mm
Dimension 4.72*4.72*0.98inch*3 4.72*4.72*1.5nch 4.72*4.72*0.98inch 2.99*0.94*0.45inch
Airflow 70.5-106CFM 147.93CFM 70.5-106CFM N/A
Speed 600-3000 RPM±10% 3500RPM ±10% 600-3000 RPM±10% 10000RPM
Current 0.22-0.36A 0.5A 0.22-0.36A N/A
Connector 4Pin PWM D Type 4PIN 4Pin PWM 3Pin
Bearing Type Hydraulic Dual Ball Hydraulic N/A
Noise 43dB 51dB 43dB N/A
Voltage 12V 12V 12V N/A
Packing 3PCS 1PCS 1PCS 1PCS