Upgraded to AX210This product has been upgraded from the AX200 to AX210. After upgrading it supports all the specifications of WiFi 6E such as 6GHz band and the max speed up to 5400Mbps. Wifi 6 TechnologyBased on Intel AX200 (AX210) chipset this Wifi 6 card supports the latest 802.11 ax technology such us OFDMA 1024QAM Target Wake Time deliver from 80MHz to 160MHz higher peak data rates up to 2.4G bps and up to 4X capacity improvement in dense or congested environments comparing to 802.11 ac. With this Wifi 6 wireless module you can enjoy 8K movies large file transfer and smart home devices with fewer dropped connections.

CompatibleIdea for replacement of old Wifi 5 or Wifi 4 based wireless modules such as AC9260/AC8260/AC7265 with M. 2 interface. Compatible with Laptop or Desktop with Intel CPUs and some newer AMD CPUs running Windows 10/11 64bit such as Lenovo HP Dell ASUS Laptop. Lenovo's T-series notebook has a white list limit most of which are incompatible. TWT Technology Extends Battery LifeTarget Wake Time (TWT) technology reduces power consumption for Laptops by negotiating when and how often they will wake up to send or receive data increasing sleep time and substantially prolonging battery life. Driver Please download the driver before replacing the network card.

Download the latest driver from the Intel official website by searching AX210.