1) Supports HDD 1 to 2 copy. 2) Copy speed of 9 GB/min. 3) Auto skip up to 6000 error sectors of the HDD 4) Auto power control protects your HDD (HDD is only powered during operation) 5) Supports 2.5"", 3.5"" SATA HDD, SSD and IDE HDD via IDE Adapter (1 piece IDE to SATA adapter-TB1529 included) 6)
Supports 3 different duplication modes: Quick Copy (System & files), All partitions and Whole HDD 7)
The Quick Copy mode supports: Linux(EXT2/EXT3/EXT4), NTFS, FAT16/32. GPT and Dynamic HDD Also, it copies only the data and systems area, which highly increases the copy efficiency. 8) Auto detects and shows the bad sector quality 9) Lightweight portable design"