NTI Backup Now EZ 7
Highlights of NTI Backup Now EZ 7.5
  • 4-in-1 Total Backup Solution
    1. Entire PC Backup (a.k.a. Image Backup)
    2. File & Folder Backup
    3. Cloud Backup
    4. Scheduled Backup
  • Windows 11 support, in addition to Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista
  • Backup entire hard disk in your PC to local, external or network disk drives
  • Backup your treasured photos and videos, important documents and files
  • Backup to your NTI Cloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, and/or Dropbox accounts
  • Schedule your backup: Monthly, Weekly, Daily, or your Custom schedules
  • Create bootable USB pen drive or bootable backup hard disk drive, for Disaster Recovery or Emergency needs
  • Strong Security with 256-bit encryption
  • RAID Support: In PC Backup, support backup and restore of RAID (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5)
  • NVMe SSD Support: In PC Backup, support backup/restore from/to NVMe SSD. Great for upgrade to NVMe SSD.
NTI Building
Made in USA

A California corporation based in Irvine, NTI has been developing advanced media creation and storage management software since 1995. Over a span of 25+ years, our software products have received numerous awards, and our software titles such as "NTI CD Maker", "NTI Media Maker", "NTI Backup Now", and "NTI Echo" have been pre-installed or bundled by name brands such as Acer, HP, SONY, and Toshiba.

As a product company, we have been dedicated to the core concept of "Power with Simplicity": the idea that the best customer experience can be created with feature-rich software products that are also easy-to-use. We will continue to improve our products, and bring the latest powerful technologies to your fingertip with the simplicity expected from NTI.