Anti-glare Monitor Screen Filter: The computer privacy screen protector makes the screen bright when looking directly at it within 60 degree, but appear dark when looking at it from other angle. Protect business secrets and personal privacy, using more freedom and safe!
Anti-scratch Screen Protector: With super wear-resistant materials, this privacy screen filter can protec your screen from scratches, keep your laptop screen pristine all day along.
Anti-dazzle & Reduces Reflection: The privacy screen surface is processed by AG precision process, prevent dazzle and reduce reflection, making the vision more comfortable and easier.
Anti-radiation Monitor Protector: with the application of optical technology, this privacy screen protector can filter strong light, eliminates electrostatic magnetic field, block UV, effectively protect the human body, eyes, skin and other radiation damage.
Easy Installation: The plug-in design of this computer screen privacy filter makes it use flexible, easy to install and remove.