oGoDeal Opening Tool

This tough tool nimbly pops open modern small electronics casings.

Professional grade stainless steel construction with sure grip flexible rubber handle ensures repeated use.

Six Long Spudgers

6 long Spudgers in our kit can be used for a variety of purposes when repairing electronic devices, excellent For opening.The tool also includes a notch for hooking wires.

Anti-Static Brush

ESD safe Anti-Static brush for cleaning sensitive electronics. Great for dusting and detailing delicate and not-so delicate components and parts.

ESD Anti-static Tweezers set

our kit has 3pcs tweezers set.

With anti-static paint coating provide an excellent ESD performance This product also features anti-magnetic, so you can safely use on electronic products.

Anti-static Wrist Strap

Adjustable strap can fits your wrist perfect. Protect your pc and other electronics from accidental electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage during repairs.

Magnetic Screw Mat

With the Magnetic screw Mat for extra organization, best tool to keep track of screws,no need to worried about losting screws any more. Strong magnetic than other normal one.

Double-head Metal Spudgers

3Pcs metal spudgers, Made of high quality metal, it is heat resistant and hard, durable for long time use.You are able to easily disassemble your phone or other smart device

Heavy Duty Suction Cup

Heavy Duty Suction Cups LCD Screen Opening Tool for Smartphone, Computer Screen Repair Tools Compatible for iPad, iMac, MacBook, Tablet, Laptop, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei Xiaomi Lenovo Etc.