The Behringer Pro Mixer VMX1000USB offers a huge selection of ins and outs. You get two dedicated Mic channels with XLR inputs, three phono/line channels, and two CD/line channels. A dedicated subwoofer out with level and crossover controls allow you to add serious low-end thump to your rig. The VMX1000USB even gives you two effects loops to add in your favorite outboard gear. USB interface Thanks to a USB interface you can bring all your computer goodness to your mixer. The VMX1000USB will play back any music file you have, all with no setup or drivers, just plug in and go.

You can also record your gigs and mixes directly to your computer. The Behringer Pro Mixer VMX1000USB includes a massive software bundle to let you get creative with producing and editing. Professional features Sound better than ever with the Pro Mixer VMX1000USB at the heart of your rig. The dual intelligent BPM counters help you sync songs to keep the flow smooth. Gold plated connectors assure great signal transfer. The XPQ stereo surround effect makes your mix sound big and lush. Long-life, super-smooth faders give the VMX1000USB a great feel.