Introducing the mb994iko-b, a rugged full metal dual Bay 2.5" Sata/SAS hard drive/SSD mobile rack backplane designed with a slim Optical Disk Drive (ODD) slot for use in a single external 5.25" Bay. It is a device designed with a rugged full metal build commercially designed for: medical & Military systems, Media servers, IPCs, HTML, and all-in-one computers, approved & used by tier 1 companies. Dual 4-pin power connectors are used to Ensure secured and Consistent power supply to both drives and odd, whether they are low power consumption 2.5" Sata SSD's or power hungry 15000 RPM 2.5" Sas drives. The trays feature an individual metal locking mechanism for each tray, ensuring drives are not accidently ejected or tampered with. Also included is a single 40mm cooling fan with on & off switch to assist the drives running at their optimal temperatures, in even the most intense applications.