Air purifier protect your family from home air pollutants:

Pre-filter: Clean large particles in the air such as pet dander, hair etc.

Activated carbon filter: Solve various household odors and smoke

True HEPA Filter: Effectively Clean 99.97% airborne pollutants.

Check the HEPA filter's color after months using to relief your concern on whether the machine is purifying the air.

Searchbs-03 filter to get replacement.

Function Guide

Add Fragrance Design: Add favorite essential oil (Not Included essential oil) on aroma pad below the air outlet to keep a long lasting air fresh.

3 Speed Fan Adjustment: According to room area and needs to control the speed and volume of the purifier.

Child-lock Function: Using Lock function to start avoiding touching mode to avoid error operation caused by a pet or children due to their curiosity.

Light-off: Display light can be turned off to enjoy a deep night of sleep without the effect of light.

Filter replace remind: Lights up and Buzzer tweet when the air filter needs to be replaced.

Power Supply: AC100-120V, 12W