1. RF Demo Kit NanoVNA RF test board demo calibration board for learning Vector Network Analyzer , Antenna Analyzer test calibration learning.

2. The board is totally integrated with 18 functional modules.

3. Equipped with 2 pcs of UFL patch cord for convenient use.

4. Each module is well selected of high quality and great reliability.

5. The board is small and light ,suitable for carrying with.


Item Type:RF Demo Kit

1.The filter:

A, Short-wave low-pass filter LPF: 30MHz

B, FM high-pass filter HPF: 100MHz

C, Commonly used SAW bandpass filter BPF: 433MHz

D, Video ceramic trap BSF: 6.5MHz

2. RLC series and parallel circuit

Includes R, L, C and combinational circuits

3. Open /short circuit and load calibration circuit

4.The attenuation circuit

Package included:

1 x RF Demo Kit Board

2 x UFL Patch Cord