Detail informations:

Model: GX 16

Environmental conditions 

Ambient temperature: -50 ~ +70 C

Relative humidity: up to 98% at +40 C

Atmospheric pressure: up to 4,4 kpa

Vibration: vibration frequency 10 ~ 100Hz, acceleration 100m/s2 

Impact: Frequency of 60 to 80 BEAT S / min, acceleration of 250m/s2 

Centrifugal: acceleration 250m/s2 

Plug diameter: 16 mm

Main technical characteristics:

Contact resistance: (each contact pair)Less than 0.005  

Insulation resistance: In normal conditions, not less than 1000M; after constant warm tests, not less than 20M. 

Separation Force: Each single foot separation force is 1-3N, total separation force is one and a half of the upper limit total amount of every single foot separation Force 

Temperature Rise: at rated load, the contact of the temperature rise should not exceed  +50 C ambient temperature 

Life: after the use of the plugs 500 times, the sockets and outlets should not be damaged.


Straight and unshielded type, series circular connector

Used widely in aviation, data acquisition systems, inclinometer,

computer automation measurement and control systems, audio, video, test and measurement, communications, etc.

Package included:

5  x Male Connector

5  x Female Connector